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Hoarding of animals is everyone's concern

When we hear of hoarding typically we do not think of hoarding pets, rather of food, newspaper, tin cans and so forth. The sad truth is hoarding of animals is more common place than is widely known. And when we discuss hoarding of animals we generally are speaking of household pets; however this can also happen with farm animals and other animals. Recently, there was a news story of animal hoarding discussing the keeping of over 60 Chinchillas, in a house with the residents. .

Whether for companionship or profit hoarding is a terrible, unhealthy action for both human and animal. Hoarding is an illness which requires medical intervention. Animals are fragile creatures which need love, exercise and food. It is paramount for animals, just as for us, to have good food, clean living arrangements, socialization and a safe place to do all of this in. Animals that are in a hoarding situation do not have any of the elements for a good life.

Laws are in place to protect animals; however it is long past due when this is resorted too. In most cases many animals have died or will from the treatment they have experienced. Sometimes animals just cannot be rehabilitated after such an experience. The people involved in this behavior need to be brought to justice and need to receive help for the mental health condition most of them have. The laws are in place for those so depraved as to treat animals and humans in this manner of disregard.

Many who mistreat animals are mistreating humans as well. Unfortunately, they have probably been mistreated themselves. We need to recognize this lifestyle for what it is a mental health situation. Some people have perhaps known this is happening however, they simply do not want to get involved. We have gone far past the (getting involved) concern when this comes to light. These living conditions reserve a special health concern to the public as well. Please if there is a person hoarding in your neighborhood get some help for them. Call the local Adult Protective Services, for your own health if for no other reason.

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