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Hoarding: Nearly 200 chickens seized from Connecticut home (videos)

Nearly 200 chickens had to be euthanized after a Plainville, Connecticut couple’s alleged ‘hobby’ grew out of control. The owners, Joseph and Mary Honyak, now face animal abuse and neglect charges after authorities with the Department of Agriculture state their home on North Washington Street contained one of the worst cases of animal hoarding they ever witnessed. According to officials, the chickens had free reign of the property. The home is likely to be torn down.

Nearly 200 chickens seized from Connecticut home.
Department of Agriculture

The chickens, all 193, suffered from a highly contagious, respiratory illness and reportedly could not be saved.

Steven Jensen, spokesperson for the Department of Agriculture stated they were notified to the conditions through an anonymous phone call in January 2014. Speaking to WVIT he stated, “There was no threat to humans but the conditions in the house were so unsanitary that the house was quarantined and the homeowners were evicted.”

You may see a video report of this case of extreme, animal hoarding in the video player above. Mary and Joseph Honyak are reportedly staying with family members.

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