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HLN host rips Vladimir Putin over Sochi’s stray dog culling policy

In response to an issue that has flown almost completely under the U.S. media radar, HLN host Jane Valez-Mitchell called out Russian President Vladimir Putin on her show Jane Valez-Mitchell on Friday evening for his heavy-handed, exterminatory policy in regard to dealing with the issue of eliminating the “biological trash” or stray dogs in Sochi for the Olympics.

A stray dog lounges inside Olympic Park in Sochi.
(McClatchy-Tribune / February 6, 2014)

Mitchell opened by saying:

Tonight, a race against time to save Sochi's dogs. As the Olympic opening ceremony gets underway, it is open season on thousands of strays wandering the city's streets and they’re being rapidly, cruelly, exterminated. Backwards, brutal, Russian policies are calling these living, breathing, intelligent creatures 'biological trash.'”

I warn you. This is very graphic disturbing video. Look at this poor dog. He’s been poisoned! And he’s not the only one. There are thousands, okay, being poisoned like this. Animal lovers outraged the world over are now shining a spotlight on this dark and deadly side of the Sochi Olympics.”

The man who runs the company hired to kill these dogs called them biological trash!

According to ABC News, the arrival of the Olympics has caused local officials to react swiftly and drastically to the stray dog issue in Sochi, and the owner of this dog terminating company that was specifically called in to eradicate the "biological trash" from the Sochi streets, Alexei Sorokin, explained his actions by saying that roving packs of dogs are threatening the safety of the Olympic crowds, as they could easily attack people, spread rabies, or wander onto a ski slope and disrupt the games.

This is what sparked Mitchell’s passionate commentary. Senior International Correspondent Nick Paton Walsh also appeared on the segment and reported live from Sochi to shed even more light on Sochi’s apparent, stray dog, culling ventures.

And surprisingly, Walsh actually suggested that the reason why the Putin regime is allowed to get away with culling stray dogs and being insensitive to sexual diversity is because many of the Russian people consider Putin to be a “breath of fresh air,” because he stays in control, and he is credited with bringing back the economy, which only reaffirms where animal lovers, stray dogs, and sexual freedoms fall in the pro-Putin pecking order.

In other words, even in Russia, money talks, and everything else walks!

Mitchell ended by asking animal lovers to let Putin know that his stray dog, animal genocide policy is unacceptable. She declared that she would not go to Russia anytime soon based on the draconian policies of the Putin regime.

Mitchell said: “And that's the message we've got to send. You (Russia) want our dollars – change!”

But why would Putin have to change, especially since his regime already has our money, along with other U.S. resources, which precedes these Olympic games and includes our current participation in them?

Now in response to the stray dog culling charges, the International Olympic Committee claimed on Thursday that only sick or dying, stray dogs are being exterminated, while healthier strays are being taken away somewhere so they cannot disrupt the games, despite reports from local authorities that claim that hundreds of animals have already been killed and even poisoned during the removal of the “biological trash.”

But just because a dog is sick, does it mean that it is dying, and how does an exterminator make that kind of a medical judgment without being a veterinarian as well? Because if the dogs are merely sick and not dying, should they be killed anyway and are they being killed, because if dogs are being poisoned, then no real consideration is being given?

Based on the comment from the IOC, we are being asked to believe that those hundreds of executed animals were all sick or dying. But is that feasible, or is it just typical, government PR?

Because if people can find it in their hearts, in their common sense, and in their political savvy to believe the Putin regime, then there should be no problem for people to believe the most infamous dog killer in the world, convicted felon and NFL star Michael Vick, who despite publicly stating his remorse was recently protested by thousands of people online, because he was selected by the Raleigh Chamber of Commerce to be a guest speaker at the “Evening of Champions” event that is scheduled for Feb. 12, 2014.

Apparently more than 64,000 people signed a petition protesting the selection of Vick, while an anti-Vick protest has been organized to precede his arrival at the "Evening of Champions" event.

So what does it mean from an integrity stance when all of these people are still out protesting Vick, who has served his time, apologized for his actions, talks to children about the importance of animal welfare, and donates money to support animal welfare, when the United States and numerous other countries have all sent their athletes and their resources to participate in a questionable location under the rule of a questionable, Putin regime that has allowed and authorized the reported killing of hundreds of dogs (biological trash) that may or may not have all been sick or dying, just so the economic windfall of hosting the Olympics can appease Putin’s international, power-hungry ego and line the Russian, economic pockets?

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