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HJR-6 now known as HJR-3

Rep. Eric Turner, R-Marion has authored a new resolution to ban same-sex marriage now known as HJR-3. Turner was the author of HJR-6 as well as a companion bill, House Bill 1153, which clarifies the controversial second sentence in the marriage amendment which states: “a legal status identical or substantially similar to that of a marriage for unmarried individuals shall not be valid or recognized.”

Speaker Brian Bosma said the name change wasn’t done for any reason in particular except the fact that it was the third joint resolution filed this year, and thus named HJR-3.This is a common political tactic meant to trip-up those in opposition of the resolution by changing the name. Freedom Indiana’s campaign manager, Robertson, was quoted as saying “Political games are being played with the legislative process and I think it’s really unfortunate.”

The resolution would have to pass the legislature this session to be placed on November’s statewide ballot.
Turner says “It is time to put this debate to rest and allow Hoosier voters the opportunity to decide.”

A hearing for HRJ-3 would be assigned the House Judiciary Committee and is scheduled to be held on Monday January 13 at 10am.

The website of Freedom Indiana speaks to Hoosiers, saying:
“On Monday morning, It’s crucial that supporters of liberty pack the State Capitol to show lawmakers, on the day of the first hearing, that Hoosiers oppose this amendment………. As we’ve seen this week, our opponents are determined to shove this bill forward. And they’ll stop at nothing in their quest to amend our constitution to deny critical protections to gay and lesbian Hoosiers.
Don’t let them win. Be at the Capitol on Monday and show your lawmakers that you believe every family in our state deserves liberty and respect. ”

Visit their website here for more information on how you can best fight HJR-3 and bring equal marriage rights to Indiana.

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