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Hitting the wall? - Easy diet and exercise tips

Have you reached an exercise plateau?
Have you reached an exercise plateau?
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Have you hit a wall in your diet and exercise routines? Does it feel like your steady progress has come to a full stop? Chances are, you've plateaued. Fitness gurus call it hitting the wall. Looking for an easy way to pump up the volume? Need further tips to help you jump that hurdle? These easy diet and exercise tips can get you over that wall and back into your groove.

Try using a pedometer for better perception

You may feel as if you've gone two miles when in actuality, it's only been a half mile. It's easy to be wrong about the actual miles walked or run per day. A pedometer keeps a more precise measurement. We can easily tell ourselves we are getting plenty of exercise in just by walking. The pedometer doesn't lie.

Keep a food and exercise diary

A diary gives a realistic view of your diet and exercise routine. Dismissing that daily snack? Your food diary says there is a cookie or candy bar every day at 12:15. That's a signal that something needs to change. The food and exercise diary is an easy way to bring diet issues to light so they can be conquered.

Find fun ways to exercise

Adding another day of cardio will help you move past that wall. Who says it has to hurt? Skip one day of traditional cardio. Go out dancing one night a week. Dancing is easy, great fun and it's great exercise too. Maybe dancing isn't your forte. How about biking, bowling, swimming or racket ball? Gear your exercise routine to suit your personal interests.

Eat more fiber

Maybe you've hit the wall because your food is digesting too slowly. Try loosening things up with fiber. Fiber keeps the digestive system running smooth and easy. A diet works better when food digests faster. Fiber filled foods in the diet reduce bloating from a backed up digestive system. Fiber also makes us feel full, which makes a diet easy to stick to.

Add a beat to your exercise routine

It's no secret that you can make exercise feel easier by rocking out to your favorite tunes. Choose the music that makes you happiest. Yes, even if it's rock opera. Please yourself for more inspiring movement. Music adds rhythm to exercise and gives motivation. Remember dancing around the house in younger years? Music lightens the mood. It makes exercise fun.

Start each meal with the lowest calorie food

Before picking up that fork at dinner time, take a good look at the selections on your plate. One easy diet strategy is to eat the item lowest in calories and highest in nutrition first. Fill up on foods that give optimum nutrition. Leave only a small amount of room for the more fattening, less nutritious options.

Cut out artificial sweeteners

Did you know artificial sweeteners can actually cause weight gain and add calories to your diet? Why? Artificial sweeteners are not as satisfying as the real thing. People who use artificial sweeteners in their diet actually eat more. They don't feel full. They have more frequent cravings. This leads to overeating.

Eliminate one high calorie food

People who eat one high calorie food on a regular basis can eliminate 200 or more calories per day from their diet by giving it up. That's 1400 calories a week or more just by eliminating one food from a diet! Think about your diet. Do you drink 3-4 soft drinks a day? That's 350 - 500 calories a day! Even cutting it down to just one can make a huge difference.

Wash iron down with water

Fatigue is a diet and exercise road block. Dehydration and anemia from a poor diet can be major contributors to fatigue. People suffering from fatigue often mistake it for hunger, so eating more is their solution. Exercise is the last thing on your mind when fatigue sets in. Iron supplements and water will get you back to normal energy levels.

Increase manual labor

Boost your exercise routine by working harder when not exercising. Simple things like doing dishes manually, hanging clothes out rather than using the dryer and walking, not driving to the store can add oomph to exercise routines. These things also fight boredom, so depression related eating stays out of your diet.


This may be the most easy tip to follow and one of the best things you can do for yourself. In order to make changes in diet and exercise, your body needs adequate recovery time. The body regenerates itself during sleep. Getting a good nights sleep is an essential part of any diet and exercise program.

Please Note: The author is not a licensed medical professional. These tips are based on her own experience. Consult a physician before beginning any new diet or exercise regimen.

This article was previously published on Yahoo! Voices by Jaipi Sixbear

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