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Hitting Sweet Notes with real gluten-free bagels

You call that a bagel? Most Celiacs, or other people who eat gluten-free, can point to one or two foods that they really miss since cutting out gluten. For some, it's fried chicken or fish and chips. For others, they can't get over the loss of good old white bread. But many mourn having to forgo bagels. Sure, there are GF "bagels" out there; those hard, little frozen things in the grocery store that are so not worth their cost. Chin up, Buttercup--it seems that a good, chewy New York-style gluten-free bagel can be found right here in Philly.

Sweet Note Everything Bagels
Sweet Note Bakery

Sweet start. Sweet Note Bakery is Michelle MacDonald's baby - er - toddler. She started the business in the fall of 2012 to satisfy the bagel cravings of her grandfather and sister (both newly diagnosed with Celiac Disease.) After trying many different flour combinations and cooking methods, MacDonald, who has a degree in Music Business Management, found her "sweet note" which produced a dense, chewy bagel with a nice, glossy crust. Now she and her partners Brittany Nettles and Alison Vandermay offer 6 varieties of these big, satisfying gluten-free bagels: plain, everything, poppy, sesame, cinnamon raisin and vegan flax seed

And now for some numbers. Out of the old Le Bus, Manayunk, locale, Sweet Note Bakery rolls out over 5,000 GF bagels a week to over 70 locations. That's a bunch of bagels for three young women under 30 years old. Sweet Note bagels can be found at specific grocery stores, bakeries, restaurants and even food trucks throughout our area. Find Sweet on the website will help you. If you still can't locate these bagels close to you, you can have them shipped. This is all sweet news for the estimated 1% of the population who have Celiac Disease (Source:National Foundation for Celiac Awareness.) Michelle MacDonald wants everyone, everywhere to "start and end your day on a sweet note" with "the only GLUTEN FREE bagel that tastes like a BAGEL!"

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