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My husband, sons and I are hands down, without a doubt, bonafide foodies. We often watch numerous cooking shows on the Food Network and drool over all the celebrity chef's elaborate creations. We are also the victims of the accessibility of all Downtown Savannah's fine eating establishments. One afternoon we found ourselves quite surprised to find of all things, chicken and waffles in a restaurant known for seafood. The ambiance of the restaurant provided quite the need to raise an eyebrow and check our wallets in anticipation of high prices. I must confess, I do endeavor to remain within a modest budget when we eat out as a family. Twin teenage boys often demand this sort of pre-planning. Unfortunately, I have thoroughly spoiled them with sumptuous feasts to "broaden the horizons" of the finer things in life. I sometimes wonder if I did the right thing in trying to open them up to new experiences with cuisine. What I have inadvertently created in this process are food snobs or food elitists I like to say.

Upon receiving the menu, my boys promptly scanned it like two hungry wolves or cubs. They both decided to order a meal I had never made for them at home. Now I have to say we have lived in California, so Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles reigned supreme in this menu category. My husband decided to order the Swordfish and I dabbled in a little she-crab soup and this and that appetizers. Overall, we left feeling spoiled but I believe my sons are still not quite over their comfort food discovery in chicken and waffles. Each time they mention this particular experience they moan in reminiscent delight. It sounds something like this "ohhhh CHICKEN AND WAFFLES!". I'm always amused and a little surprised that they still remember that one night of comfort food.

Well why did I just recount a whole night out at a fancy restaurant eating various sumptuous foods you may ask by now? Quite simply for the purpose of enlightening you my readers of just how broadening our horizons can often make us rethink life. My sons for instance having tasted such a high caliber of cuisine are now primed for higher quality in experiences and of course food. If we do not once in a while open ourselves up to new experiences on a higher level we will never know just how good, good can be. I now make homemade chicken and waffles for my sons but I can tell in their minds they are still thinking about those they ate in that Downtown restaurant. Don't get me wrong I am not advocating becoming a snob but simply being open to experiencing new and higher levels of life. As a Christ follower that means often being open to what God wants you to do in life. At times the higher things of God scare me. I look at the "price" and immediately want to turn down the menu and walk out the door. If I do so however I will have forever lost my moment- like that moment my kids will never forget.

In some ways I want to say go ahead and let God make you a little bit of a snob but that's not at all what I mean. I mean let God make you aware of a higher quality of life and experiences. That's all I've my friends...From one foodie to others I'm going to encourage you to go ahead and order the Chicken and Waffles when God tells you to!

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