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'HitRECord on TV' finds plenty of ‘Trash’ on Pivot TV

Saturday’s episode of the Joseph Gordon-Levitt new show “HitRECord on TV” was titled “Trash.” As each episode begins, the announcement is made contrary to the warnings made in other theaters, they remind you at this time to please turn ON all recording devices.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt host of Pivot-TV series HitRecord on TV
Photo by Jamie McCarthy

As the episode opens, everyone in a huge auditorium has cameras or recording devices of some sort. As Joseph showed the Great Pacific Garbage Patch a huge floating plastic junk pile the size of Texas. However, he admitted that trash of a different source, like punk music. A collaborator named “ibkellymorris” from California came to the stage to contribute her trash collaboration using lyrics from another contributor. The song was called Front Lawn Freak showed people on their front lawns as you will see if you check the link.

Joe then spoke to filmmaker John Waters, who specialized in trashy movies, who has been called the Pope of Trash, who loved having the title and hoped to live up to it. Joe admitted that they made a trashy film starring Joe and Carla Gugino that has trashy costumes and dialogue and is just a guilty pleasure of his. John asked if his film contained sex and violence to really make it trashy? It was called Destination: Trash from 601 contributors depicted Joe as a garbage man and Carla as an alien.

Next was shown another short film, about a castaway shoe that was lonely being alone. It spoke of how it was useful and now, no longer needed.

A person who collected playing cards found on the street, they are not in good condition, but she hopes to someday find enough to make a complete deck. Some are not even whole cards, but enough to let one know the suit and number.

As the episode ended, a little boy was playing with what he called a trash truck on this trashy episode of “HitRECord on TV.”

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