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'HitRECord on TV' finds plenty of ‘Fantasy’ on Pivot TV

Saturday’s second episode of the Joseph Gordon-Levitt new show “HitRECord on TV” was titled “Fantasy.” As each episode begins, the announcement is made contrary to the warnings made in other theaters, they remind you at this time to please turn ON all recording devices.

The fantasy clips begin a cartoon cat is watching television and sees a commercial about being in love. She goes to the store and purchases the product and when her spouse comes home, he does not even notice. So much for a fantasy!

As Joseph is introduced by a young child’s voice, he asks what your fantasy is? How we fantasize means so much. He quoted Andy Warhol, who said, “Fantasy love is much better than reality love, the most exciting attractions are between two opposites that never meet.” One young lady on the site told Joe that if what Andy Warhol said is true, she is effed for the rest of her life and not the way she wanted to be effed.

Saintmaker from Texas stated that your fantasy life was perfect, but you screw it up by trying to make it real. TQB from Philly replied to that by stating that we do not screw up our fantasies by trying to make them real, but we screw up our real lives by trying to make them live up to our fantasies.

So Joe stated that he wanted to make his life fantastic, so he brought out Tony Danza to do a musical number with him. He then asked those in the audience if they studied the dance number he requested prior to the show? As they continued to sing and add graphics to their reasons for being fantastic, the audience was watching them sing and dance. Then at the end of the number, the large group of people joined in for the last dance.

As the next segment regarding fantasy began, psychologists gave their interpretation of fantasy and how the brain reacts to such things. Joe then told the viewers that nobody knew more about fantasy than a kid. The first kid told about an ostrich that was attacked by a dinosaur. It had to get cast like granny. Then KarlieJ from Kansas City who goes over her entire day each night and fantasizes about what she would redo. So Joe put out a request for those “Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda Moments” and what viewers would do if they had the chance. The most replies were that they should have studied harder, taken a different job, stayed longer wherever and so on. But Danikins from Chico, Calif. a customer service worker told her story about the same-old mundane things that happen each day; except when a woman called about an order she placed. She wanted to return items she purchased, but they were from an old order. The woman purchased them for her son, but he was shot coming home from school and died. She issued a return for them and told the woman that she was sorry for her loss. She then spoke into the camera and asked for an end to senseless violence and that everyone could make it home to their families. Suddenly, the phone rang again, and she went back to her mundane job.

As people visualize a fantasy, they are using the same brain power that they would if it were a real situation.

The next segment was titled ‘Same Story, Different Ending.’ A young singer/songwriter named Peppina from Finland. So several contributors helped with the song she sang with animation for her song ‘Beastly Beauty.’ The story told of a vain woman and a beastly grotesque creature who loved her. When he finally told her of his feelings, she spurned his affection and laughed in his face. She spent the rest of her life alone, and the beast found love on this fantastic episode of “HitRECord on TV.”

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