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'HitRECord on TV' discovers ‘Space’ on Pivot TV

Saturday’s episode of the Joseph Gordon-Levitt new show “HitRECord on TV” was titled “Space.” As each episode begins, the announcement is made contrary to the warnings made in other theaters, they remind you at this time to please turn ON all recording devices.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt host of Pivot-TV series HitRecord on TV
Photo by Jamie McCarthy

As the episode opens, everyone in a huge auditorium has cameras or recording devices of some sort. As Joseph introduced the topic as Space, he mentioned many different references for Space; outer space, personal space, negative space, MySpace (if anyone remembers that). As one contributor SSmith from Boston stated, she did not want her space to be an internet page. Another writer on the site, JulesKD from NY stated that if we are all mostly composed of water, then what is between those hydrogen and oxygen atoms; empty space?

The first short film titled Above it All, was written by a collaborator from Ireland named Metaphorest. She has sent in many of her films to HitRECord, before it was on television. Joe invited the young actor, Daniel Zolghadri from L.A. to perform her poem, live on stage and his voice is the narrator of the story which was a collaboration of several illustrators, animators and musicians completed the work. It was about a child who created wings and flew through space, only to find that when arriving home to find that existence is best seen from a distance.

Joseph and his father took a drive to a company called Spacex with the address of One Rocket Road. This company’s goal is to commercialize space travel in the future. They design, manufacture and launch advanced rockets and spacecraft. Gwynne Shotwell, the president and COO, met with Joe and told him that she had the best job in the world, but he begged to differ, as he thought his was the best.

Elon Musk, the CEO & chief designer of the company explained that they were in the process of designing a rocket that will take about 100 people to Mars. It would be about 100 times the size of a large SUV. Joe asked what living on Mars would be like? Elon told him that Mars will be a fixer-upper of a planet, but it is possible to have sustainability. In 1969, we all vicariously went to the Moon, which had to be one of the biggest accomplishments of the 20th Century. He believes that the 21st century will see people going to Mars. He hopes his company can advance their course to see it happen. Their goal is to establish Mars as a self-sustaining civilization, but the trip to Mars will take from six to eight months, so having enough food and air to sustain the flight will be the utmost of importance. Everyone who works at Spacex loves their job, and everyone there would love to go to Mars.

The next collaboration was called “The Spaces Between.” This represented the spaces between words, but the graphics that accompanied the presentation was in black and white and featured many faces of people and the spaces between them.

The next collaboration was about a woman who was sending a message to her astronaut husband, who is ready to take off into space. Illustrated by Kubi from Australia and performed by tdolan from Edinburgh, UK, the collaboration is by Joe’s good friend Ryan. The message was used as the opening of the show, and Joe would play the astronaut who received the message. When the astronaut was on the mission, he had an opportunity to learn the secret of the universe on this episode of “HitRECord on TV.”

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