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'HitRECord on TV' debuts with ‘The Number One’ on Pivot TV

Saturday’s premiere episode of the Joseph Gordon-Levitt new show “HitRECord on TV” was titled “The Number One.”

Joseph Gordon-Levitt host of Pivot-TV series HitRecord on TV

As the episode begins, the announcement is made contrary to the warnings made in other theaters, they remind you at this time to please turn ON all recording devices. As number ones flash across the screen in various configurations, Joseph welcomes the huge crowd to the first televised episode of “HitRECord on TV.” He and his brother Dan have been doing this since 2005. In 2010, they started their open collaborative production company. Open, meaning they welcome all to submit their recordings, and joint, meaning they use the internet for their collaborations. After producing several films via their production company, and submitting them to film festivals, and producing books and records and even going on tour, it has finally come to television.

Each episode will have a theme. This one appropriately is “The Number One.” As one collaborator named J-Belt stated, one is not the loneliest number, if you have ever been the third-wheel. One can represent a first time; for anything. A first time can never be replaced. A first kiss, first time you saw your baby’s face, or experienced something awesome.

A collaborator named Roswell Gray from Lincoln, Neb. Roswell suffers from retinitis pigmentosa, a disease that rendered her with night blindness that could very well, progress to cause complete blindness. She is portrayed in the segment by Elle Fanning, and it depicts the first time she ever saw the stars when her father brought home a pair of night-vision goggles. It is their first short-film of the season, with several collaborators contributing to the effort. If one does not get chills watching this; they are completely without feeling.

Another segment called ‘One Living Organism’ by Davis Guggenheim, was about a forest of trees in Utah called the pando forest with 40,000 trees connected by one root structure. Scientists call it one living organism. As several collaborators tell and show their interpretation of the pando. But one collaborator named Saintmaker from Texas stated that there is one larger single organism in the United States, called the honey mushroom that covers 2,000 acres in the Malheur National Forest in Oregon. Unfortunately, the honey mushroom must kill the trees to survive and leaves a path of dead trees in its wake.

A cartoon depicting one song was a cute collaboration of good versus evil as good was portrayed as song and evil as silence.

A request was put out for songwriters to write a song with a chorus for a theme that ‘You’re Not the Only One.’ WunderBoy from Los Angeles, JerzyJung from New Jersey and Joe himself collaborated on the song that contained 934 contributions and came up with a great song that conquered loneliness for all who watched it on this episode of

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