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Eva Braun
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A boutique in Germany was embarrassed, if that is the correct word, to discover that among the merchandise for sale were mugs decorated with various motifs including a picture of Hitler.

Yes, that Hitler.

It is illegal to sell anything in Germany with the likeness of the one time Furher. It is unlikely that the owners of the shop will be charged and the offending cups were removed from sale as soon as the problem, shall we say, was discovered.

The actual question should be: why is anyone manufacturing cups with Hitler’s likeness? Do neo Nazis drink tea?

Which brings us to the shooting at a Kansas City Jewish center on the eve of Passover, usually one of the few happy Jewish holidays.

Allegedly, after killing three people, the gunman shouted: Heil Hitler. (At least he doesn’t deny the Holocaust Mel Gibson et. al.)

Hitler was also in the news recently with the story that his girlfriend and then wife and bunker mate, Eva Braun, might have been part Jewish.

By the way, she liked to dress up in blackface. Hey everyone needs a hobby. To date a murderous fiend whose name will always be synonymous with insane hatred, well that’s truly crazy. But some dramatic role-play? Okay by me.

What is the true purpose of faith? To preach, teach and demonstrate that everyone is worthy of respect and kindness. The minute, the nano second, one draws a line in the sand: our civilization is lost.

To deem any group as less than others leads to holocausts, and ethnic cleansing, and gay bashing. It also inevitably wends its way to America today: a country that has abandoned its most vulnerable citizens, marginalized too many people and still allows monsters to have guns.

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