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Hitler's Doomsday Bomb Activates For July


Los Angeles publisher Radical Publishing proudly presents Time Bomb, the newest Sci-Fi/Action thriller from acclaimed creators Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray (Jonah Hex, Power Girl). Time Bomb takes the action and adventure of science fiction and throws it back into the explosive era of wartime Germany.

Time Bomb begins beneath the streets of modern day Berlin, where archeologists accidently discover a hidden city beneath the streets of Berlin. The city was made as a failsafe option for Hitler’s Nazi party and houses the Omega Bomb, Hitler’s ultimate doomsday weapon designed to wipe out the human race.

As the myth explains, this Doomsday device is buried in a tomb about 20 miles from Prauge called "Amerika The bomb was a last resort for Hitler that contained a vast amount of Uranium, which, if detonated, would activate a nuclear explosion that would disintegrate the Earth. Since Hitler never actually detonated this weapon, the legend of Hitler’s bomb and the possibilities of its existence still exists.

It's also noted that scientist Erwin Klinge worked on the bomb and hid the plans on completing it from Hitler.

What an interesting twist on fact vs myth. July is when Palmiotti & Gray’s story begins, just in time for Comic-Con.


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