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Hitler remarks: Hillary Clinton criticizes Putin again after Hitler remarks

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton
Getty images/ Joe Raedle

After Hillary Clinton likened Russian President Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler on Tuesday, the former United States Secretary of State and former First Lady said that Putin is a tough yet thin-skinned leader who is squandering his country’s potential. Clinton’s Hitler comment was to demonstrate how she believes that Putin’s actions on the Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula are similar to the actions of Hitler in 1930, according to an ABC News report on Wednesday. Putin has defensively said that he was protecting ethnic Russians when he moved Russian troops into Crimea.

Mrs. Clinton was speaking at the University of California in Los Angeles on Wednesday when she said that all parties should avoid steps that could be misinterpreted or lead to miscalculation at this delicate time.

On Tuesday, she shocked many – and has since been criticized – when she was speaking at a fundraiser in Long Beach, California, and said that the Russian president’s actions in Crimea have been similar to what happened in the Nazi era in Romania and in Czechoslovakia.

Specifically, of the Crimea invasion by Putin, Clinton said, “Now if this sounds familiar, it’s what Hitler did back in the ‘30s. Hitler kept saying, ‘They’re not being treated right. I must go and protect my people.’ And that’s what’s gotten everybody so nervous.”

Clinton said on Wednesday that she wasn’t making a comparison – as much as it sounds like she did. She said that she is recommending that we perhaps can learn from this tactic that has been used before. She asserts that the tactic – back in the 1930s – was for Germany under the Nazis to keep saying that they had to protect German minorities in Poland and Czechoslovakia and elsewhere throughout Europe. She said that Putin’s actions are threatening instability and even the peace in Europe.

Clinton is in support of President Obama’s comments, thus far, regarding the situation in the Ukraine and regarding Russia’s actions. There are politicians who are extremely critical of Obama’s stance.

Many persons believe Hillary Clinton’s comments are not helping the already-volatile situation between the United States and Russia at all right now.

Clinton is said to be the Democrats’ front runner for president in 2016, even though she has not said she is running yet.

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