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Hitchhiker scores ride, gets thrown off bridge

A hitchhiker in Dallas was looking for a ride over a bridge and he was fortunate enough to get one -- but instead of ending up where he wanted, he ended up in the muddy lake below. The man was waiting in a rest area hoping someone would give him a lift. A van with five men offered to drive him across the bridge... what happened next surprised the man.

He says the mood in the van changed and the men were all quiet. Without warning, the driver slammed on the brake and the men in the back of the van grabbed the man and pulled him outside, punching him along the way. They then tossed his body over the side of the bridge.

The man took a 25-foot fall and landed in mud next to the lake but he wasn't hurt. The man was unable to get himself out of the mud on his own so he called 911 from his cell phone. Police used a hovercraft to rescue him. Police have no located the van or the men responsible for this odd crime.

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