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Hit the trail

Hit the trail this summer to enjoy some of your favorite mountains
Hit the trail this summer to enjoy some of your favorite mountains
Kevin Jordan

Hiking in Colorado is one way to get your high country fix. Many people go through withdrawal during the summer months. What better way to enjoy the mountains by getting out and recreating in them? When you go hiking, here are a couple of tips to get the most out of your hike.

  1. Start early. Afternoon showers are a part of life in Colorado. This summer has been unusual in the sense that there have been many rainy days. Quick moving storms can often bring lightning with it. If you find yourself in a storm, seek shelter. If you can't find shelter, squat on your tippy-toes which will help minimize how much of the ground you are touching. Get into a "cannonball" position and wait it out. Lightning can travel horizontally through the atmosphere. If there is lightning in the area, seek shelter.
  2. Bring plenty of fluids. Drink plenty of fluids and bring fluids with you. Many people think that you can drink from mountain streams. The water may be cleaner, but still could contain parasites and you could end up getting sick. Many packs now come with a hydration system. If you are hiking with a pet, remember to bring something that they can drink out.
  3. Bring a camera. Wildflowers are part of Colorado's high country. Bring a camera and take many photos, leaving the flowers behind for others to enjoy.
  4. Pack out what you pack in. If you bring it in, make sure you bring it out. This includes food and waste.
  5. Bring some toilet paper. You never know when nature calls. Having some toilet paper will come in handy if you need it. Pack it in a plastic bag to keep it dry. Plus, you can use the plastic bag for trash or used toilet paper.

Follow these simple tips and you will enjoy the mountains you love in the winter time during the summer!

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