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Hit and run collision kills horse in Maryland

Horse killed by vehicle
Council file photo

A loose horse was struck in a hit and run collision early Tuesday morning, May 27 near the Frederick County town of Thurmont in Maryland. The driver of the vehicle who smashed into the horse did not remain at the scene.

According to Maryland State Police Cpt. James Egros, the collision with the horse happened on U.S. Route 15 on the southbound side, close to the Catoctin Hollow Road intersection. It occurred in the early morning, around 5:30 a.m. The horse died soon after the impact. The state police have released no further information about the fleeing driver or specifics about the vehicle involved in the collision.

It is known that the driver wasted no time getting away from the crash site despite the fact the involved vehicle must have sustained damage.

Maryland State Police have visited nearby farms in an effort to locate where the horse was stabled or pastured. As yet, no one has claimed the loss of a horse, is missing one of their animals or is able to identify the horse.

Police is continuing with efforts to find the owner.

It is fortunate that no human was injured in the collision.

There has been an increasing incidence of horses getting hit by cars in the United States and especially in Europe. It becomes incumbent upon the horse owners to ensure their animals are safely secured in stalls, yards and pastures. Invariably, in a collision situation between horse and vehicle, the horse is struck down with fatal injuries or dies at the scene from the impact. Drivers and passengers are also at serious risk – vehicle versus horse can never have a good ending.

At this time, police still seeks additional information. Anyone who saw or witnessed the crash or who has information about what happened is asked to call Maryland State Police at 301-600-4151.

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