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History, Present and Future Trends of e-Detailing

History, Present and Future Trends of e-Detailing
History, Present and Future Trends of e-Detailing
Luis Balaguar

Its history is widely US based. In this country eDetailing companies like Lathian systems are big players having top 20 pharmaceutical companies as their clients. Several other marketing service firms offer an eDetailing package.
In the United States all top 20 pharmaceutical firms have ventured a large sum with eDetailing. They enjoy strategic alliances with physician sites and offer helpful access to plethora of professionals. In addition to the overall development of online accessibility in everyday life, there are a few driving factors that enforce the growth of e-Detailing:

• Dropping effectiveness and catapulting expenses of MRs
• Seemingly busy physicians with limited time to entertain MRs
• High acceptance and connectivity of the Internet by medical professionals

The latest statistics revealed that the top 40 pharmaceutical firms functioning in US deploy almost 80,000 MR, nearly double the figure since 1996. Studies suggest that in the UK, 30% of GPs do not call MR from pharmaceutical companies. Being highly time pressured, the physicians in Europe and the US are more prone to seeing as many patients as possible. This shows that busy physicians are hard pressed to juggle with MR and their patients and traditional ways of detailing is not yielding desired results. Physicians want to see MR but at their own convenience, which e-Detailing system can fulfill.

The Current Trend
Recent studies indicate that a considerable acceptance has been witnessed from physicians and positive results have been noticed for the pharmaceutical company.
As per the study, 39% of medical practitioners, after viewing a 10 minute eDetailing session asked to interact with an MR and 70% wished to see the samples. It has also been recorded that after the implementation of the new model of eDetailing mechanism, the market share of the products has stimulated by 10%.

Significance of Representative in eDetailing
After testing the combination of different groups of eDetailing and representatives, a pharma company in the UK came to the conclusion that the best match is the fusion of rep and eDetailing.

This winning combination derived 71% successful results compared to other combinations. It manifested that if eDetailing is done properly, it can yield great results acting as a tool to help a sales representative in acquiring better Rx dividends for their respective territories and in return get improved recognition for their efforts.

The future of Pharma E-detailing
At present, the major focus of eDetailing program is to prominently and rapidly increase prescription ratios, instead of cutting costs and building branding online relationships. Nonetheless, in future it can also be used to analyze brand loyalty.

Studies have indicated that physicians are the rational prescribers in the early cycle of a brand, and after some time they turn out to be emotional prescribers. And at the end, they again become rational prescribers in the twilight stage of brand – more often than not due to the acceptance of new competitors calling for a rational approach. In short, eDetailing program can consolidate the brand and make this branding element an integral part of the eDetailing equation.

Given the above facts and figures, it can be easily made out that eDetailing has a promising future that can promote the medical industry and associated community to new heights of strategic global alliance, benefiting the entire medical fraternity. Albeit, it’s in its experimental phase but it has miles to go to yield the optimum results.

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