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History of Jets and Jet Cars that break the sound barrier: Thrilling speed, sound phenomenon (video)

Hot Cars that Look Cool and sound even COOLER: Jet cars set land speed records and can break the sou
Hot Cars that Look Cool and sound even COOLER: Jet cars set land speed records and can break the sound barrier. Video of real jet airplanes flying visually show the effects of breaking the sound barrier.
You have to see it to believe how exciting the sights and sounds are when a machine created by humans breaks the sound barrier-- just watching produces adrenaline that inspires car guys and car girls to dream of someday going that fast themselves in a car they keep housed at home in thier own luxury exotics garage.
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Thrilling video shows allure of SPEED!

History of Jets and Jet Cars that can break the sound barrier --

Speed junkies buy exotic cars, there is no doubt about it -- but what is it that fascinates car clientele with the thrill about it?

In the video below, you can visually see and hear what happens when jets flying break the sound barrier.


Land speed record holders have dreamed for years of accomplishing the same sort of feats with cars powered by jet propulsion.

The trouble with determining who actually holds the land speed record (or absolute land speed record) for going the fastest speed achieved by any wheeled vehicle on land is that there is no single body for validation and regulation.

It's like taking a test without being able to hand your paper in to a teacher that holds an answer key or rubric to give you a grade on it.

Speed enthusiasts all have a different answer about who really holds what title and how to decide what the rules and regulations for the competition are aside from a vehicle to stay on lad and go really, really fast.

Watch the video to catch a glimpse of the following scientific phenomenas caused by jets that leave those of us who are speed junkies craving faster exotic cars that can someday compete:

  • Supersonic Shockwave Phenomena
  • Breaking the Sound Barrier
  • Sonic Boom
  • High-Subsonic Flight


Now, having watched the video, think about this: cars have already been built and tested that have set new land speed records, but have gone so fast they broke the sound barrier.

Were the records set in any designer brand like Lamborghini, Maserati, or Ferrari? No.

The allure of speed has brought hundreds of teams together over the years to draft and design unique automobiles that are meant for one purpose only: to achieve mind boggling land SPEED.

Regarding the history of jet cars and urban legends surrounding the fastest cars in the world, reports the following:

It has been said that the first car race probably took place the first time two cars pulled up beside each other. And ever since then, there has been competition to see who could go the fastest.

In the fall of 1997, two teams, one from Great Britain and the other from southern California, traveled to Nevada and gathered at the Black Rock Desert. Surrounded by the media and hundreds of devoted race fans, they took turns doing the best they could.

One team came fully prepared. After thousands of hours of hard work, they met their goals.

The other team tried but had problems, and has since sold the car to another American team that hopes to bring the record back to the United States.

But for now, and for the foreseeable future, there is no doubt whatsoever as to who has the fastest car in the world, and the fastest car in history.

The Thrust SSC team set the record. The exotic racer was a twin turbofan-powered car which achieved 763 miles per hour (1,228 km/h) for the mile (1.6 km), breaking the sound barrier.


Since that time, shamed celebrity Jesse James aimed to hit a new land speed record in a hydrogen powered green exotic car. While he claimed to have succeeded, new controversy has arisen claiming he faked his claim to get news ratings and free publicity for his bike shop -- which if true is certainly disappointing.

The hydrogen car was not powered to go anywhere near as fast as a jet car, but it still was rumored to be able to hit 170 + MPH, a true engineering feat in the world of eco friendly [cleaner emission] green cars.

Why do people aspire to build the fastest automobiles in the world?

Because the cars look hot and they sound even cooler. That's for sure.

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  • Uncle S 4 years ago

    I'm proud to be one of the few to have been in the HUD of the Blue Angels, and also to have been directly underneath the Solo aircraft during this demonstration. It was a kick ass experience, to say the least.