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History of Confederate Memorial Day

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This weekend, in addition to Mother’s Day, is also the weekend of Confederate Memorial Day in South Carolina. Normally observed on May 10, it was observed on May 9 due to it falling on a weekend.

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Confederate Memorial Day is a day set aside to pay tribute to those who fought with the Confederacy during the Civil War. It is observed, either locally or at the state level, in most southern states but on different days. In South Carolina and North Carolina, on April 26 in Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Mississippi, May 30 in Virginia and June 3 in Kentucky, Louisiana and Tennessee. Texas observed it on January 19. May 10 also is the date that Stonewall Jackson died from wounds suffered at the Battle of Chancellorsville. January 19 is Robert E. Lee’s birthday.

One website, the Sons of the Confederate Veterans,claims that Confederate Memorial Day inspired Gen. John Logan, who was a driving force behind Memorial Day, to lead an effort for the north to do the same. However, there is no mention of this on the Department of Veterans Affairs website.

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