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History Come To Life

Help your homeschool family learn about the lives of the people who went to serve in Iraq and in the Middle East. Let them learn about the history of the individuals behind the wars. Let them learn about the soldiers and what they remember as they arrived back to America. You can go to Story Corps and learn more about the lives of individuals who served in the military.

You can go to : You can also go with your kids after the 4th of July to get more information on how these wars started in Iraq and Afghanistan. You can check out books from the Wilkes Public Library and let them explore historic books. You can let them also meet service men and women from the Appalachian region who has served and can let them know of their experience in being an American soldier.

You can also let your kids learn about the Armed Services at : You can explore books that let them learn more about these places like Iraq.

You can learn more about Iraq with your kids at : . This will help your homeschool teen learn more about the places making history around the world. You can go to the Wilkes Public Library and learn more about historic places and the people who have made an impact. You can go to Story Corps site and learn about the lives of people in their own voices and learn about their experiences. There are many resources online and at the Library to help make history come to life.

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