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History buffs welcome; trolls need not apply

Some people are history. Some people are buff. Some people are history buffs.

What if real history is not about left vs. right at all? What if real history is and has always been about the psychopathic elitist ruling class vs. all of the rest of us? What if ALL history is a lie?

If you're the latter and you think American history has been propagandized with a liberal/progressive bias there's not really an app for that but there is a Google+ site for that.

With "liberal/progressive bias" as a pejorative descriptor few followers are likely to be liberal/progressives. But they're not all hard right hidebound neocon conservatives either.

It's called Restoring History.US and it already has some 3,000 hardcore history adherents.

But there appears to be a problem. The site says it wants to "counteract the liberal/progressive bias found in many textbooks" but libertarians know that we've been fed just as much bias from traditional/conservative history – such as the mythologizing and sainthood-anointing of Abe Lincoln, America's first great psychopathic dictator.

So what's the frame of reference for "Restoring" history?

Steve of History Restorer.US told Libertarian News Examiner this:

"Ultimately, this is going to be a crowd-sourced project (as soon as I can raise funds to add more functionality). I'm not trying to be the final arbiter of truth. People will be able to submit resources, and other people will be able to rate/review those resources, so hopefully the best ones will bubble to the top. I'm not going to be censoring people with different views, unless they are clearly progressive/socialistic. People can go to a standard textbook for that drivel."

And sure enough, it says right there on its Google about page "This page is intended to be a source of useful information and constructive comments for conservatives/libertarians."

But even that is a problem. The Modern American Libertarian Movement definition of "libertarian" identifies neither with conservatives nor liberals nor does it even recognize the historical thought-splitting of all things political along a left-right linear spectrum, as evidenced by the history-making Nolan Chart.

So even that history needs some vigorous hand buffing.

But what if all history needs to be rebuffed? What if real history isn't about left vs. right at all? What if real history is and has always been about the elitist ruling class vs. all of the rest of us?

Thus, while the phrase "History is written by the victor" may be true it can't even be reliably attributed to any specific historical person. But it does indicate that history is frequently written by the ruling psychopaths' sycophants. That would make history not historical but histrionic.

When it comes to history we all need to know the naked truth; history in the buff, so to speak.

So liberal trolls aren't welcome on Restoring History.US. But conservative trolls shouldn't be either.

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