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History and Connection Make Local Realtors Valuable

(L to R) Agent Tanna Cable, Office Assistant Margaret Beus, Agent Cathy McLean, Owners Donna Cable and Carol Cable, Managing Broker Timm Cable
Courtesy of "C" Cable Realty

“C” Cable Realty is a family-owned and operated business that has worked in Independence since 1974. Broker Tanna Cable Girod says that experience in the community over time gives her team an advantage when it comes to real estate. Cable Girod’s father, Carol Cable, purchased the business, which her brother and mother are also a part of. Cathy McLean, a long-time area resident, has been with the company for 28 years.

“Having that knowledge and history is very, very valuable,’ says Cable Girod.

Cable Girod can talk about the history of the property because she has lived in the area. Her father, now a property manager with “C” Cable Realty, served on the zoning board and has a wealth of information about past zoning for properties.

“I was able to tell these buyers all kinds of things about water sources and flooding because I used to babysit in this house,” says Cable Girod about a specific property she was showing.

“C” Cable Realty is active in the Monmouth-Independence Chamber of Commerce (MICC), with both Timm Cable and Carol Cable have been selected as First Citizen by the MICC. Cable Girod says that shopping local is important.

“That’s the economy of our community,” says Cable Girod. “We’re people that are supporting kids and getting involved with government.”

People who work and shop in Independence and Monmouth see each other at the store or at church. That makes shopping local more than just a transaction; it is a way to build community.

“The benefit of working with somebody local is building that relationship,” says Cable Girod. “That’s an important part of our business and our commitment to the people that we work with.”

Members of the “C” Cable Realty team have been involved with organizations and events like Central Youth Sports, the Lion’s Club, YMCA Nite Court and the Polk County Relay for Life.

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