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Historics: SVRA posts complete results for 2014 Indy Brickyard Invitational

Historics: SVRA posts complete results 2014 Indy Brickyard Invitational
Historics: SVRA posts complete results 2014 Indy Brickyard Invitational
Connie Ann Kirk

The Sportscar Vintage Racing Association (SVRA) posted official results on Monday, June 23, for the Brickyard Invitational held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS). The event was the first full historic/vintage motor racing weekend in the speedway's history and reportedly the largest held in the United States with over 700 cars competing.

Results posted by SVRA included time sheets for practices and qualifying sessions and also for the following races: Indy Legends Charity Pro-Am Race; Historic GT-GTP Enduro; Vintage Classic Enduro; Group 1 Feature Race; Group 2 Feature Race; Groups 3 & 4 Feature Race; Group 5 Feature Race; Group 6-1 Feature Race; Group 6-2 Feature Race; and Feature Races each for Groups 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11.

Top finishers in each of the races mentioned above are as follows:

Indy Legends Charity Pro-Am Race: 1st, Al Unser/Peter Klutt; 2nd, Eliseo Salazar/Gary Moore; 3rd, Willy T. Ribbs/Ed Sevadjin.

Historic GT-GTP Enduro: 1st, Travis Engen; 2nd, Alex Welch; 3rd, Frank Beck/Jim Cullen.

Vintage Classic Enduro: 1st, Frank Beck; 2nd, John Cloud; 3rd, Terry Wolters/Ron Zitza.

Group 1 Feature Race: 1st, William Carson; 2nd, Steve Konsin; 3rd, V Carl George.

Group 2 Feature Race: 1st, Travis Engen; 2nd, Bobby Brown; 3rd, Bob Lima.

Group 3 & 4 Feature Race: 1st, Goran Nyberg; 2nd, Vic Skirmants; 3rd, Peter Jankovskis.

Group 5 Feature Race: 1st, Hobart Buppert; 2nd, Dan Cowdrey; 3rd, A. C. D'Augustine.

Group 6-1 Feature Race: 1st, Jody O'Donnell; 2nd, Peter Klutt; 3rd, Alan Sevadjian.

Group 6-2 Feature Race: 1st, Curt Vogt; 2nd, Frank Beck; 3rd, Scott Hackenson.

Group 7 Feature Race: 1st, Jim Pace; 2nd, Alex Macallister; 3rd, Howard Katz.

Group 8 Feature Race: 1st, Kurt Fazekas; 2nd, Thomas Grudovich; 3rd, Tom Briest.

Group 9 Feature Race: 1st, Michel Gensini; 2nd, Craig Bennett; 3rd, Travis Engen.

Group 10 Feature Race: 1st, Jeffrey Bernatovich; 2nd, Bill Ockerlund; 3rd, Craig Reed.

Group 11 Feature Race: 1st, Craig Bennett; 2nd, James French; 3rd, Travis Engen.

For more detailed results from SVRA's Brickyard Invitational, see the SVRA website.

The SVRA holds historic/vintage racing events on both coasts of the United States as well as in states in between. In addition to the event at the Brickyard, races this year have happened so far in Sebring; Miami; at Fontana in California; and at Road America in Elkhart, Wisconsin.

Upcoming SVRA events will be held at Mid-Ohio June 26-29; Pocono August 14-17; Watkins Glen September 3-7; VIR September 25-28; and finally the group's national championship races at Circuit of the Americas in Austen, Texas October 8-12.

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