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Historical music production icon Stuart Epps back in LA for Indie artists

Artisthead has suddenly found itself with one of the worlds most renouned producers joining its ranks after Stuart Epps announced that he’ll be returning to LA to run some lectures for the independent music label creation company.

Iconic DJM record producer Stuart Epps returning to LA
Stuart Epps

Stuart, as most music buffs will know, was Chief Engineer and studio manager for DJM in the UK and his career with DJM spanned from The Beatles in the mid sixties , Elton John and Chris Rhea throughout the seventies to the handing over of the studios to a ‘new’ owner and producing CODA –Led Zeppelins final studio album in 1982. When Zeppelin axe Jimmy Page bought the DJM studio it was conditional on Stuart staying on as Manager and Chief engineer and from both the Mill and from his own personal home studios in recent years, Stuart has continued producing iconic soundtracks, albums and singles that have ranged from Page’s very own Deathwish movie soundtracks right through to Oasis classics and even Robbie Williams ‘Angels’.

In recent years Stuart has dedicated a lot of time into helping independent artists via social networks and media ( top UK rock band The Fores , teen rock god prodigies ‘Vivid Sky’ and the enigmatic Kendal Sant being three very notable independent artists of recent years to record some outstanding material with Stuart) and Stuart has also taken to giving lectures and technical expertise to music colleges and universities around the world –often providing interactive lessons to global classrooms via Skype and other video conferencing tools. So there’s little doubt that the rapidly expanding Artisthead must be absolutely jumping for joy now that Stuart has joined their own ranks of expert industry lecturers too.

While in LA Stuart will again be available to bands, artists and colleges to record, master, advise and give lectures to and can be contacted via his social network and main sites for any projects no matter how big or small.

AND… for any artists looking for advice and guidance in setting up their own record label then Artisthead is well worth taking a long hard look at as they have carefully mined out plenty of benind the scenes jewels from a wealth of artists, publishers, promotors and booking agents with years of experience in all areas of of the music industry and the company specialise specifically in all areas of online label creation for Independent artists. A selection of interviews with Stuart (who was also the main technical and historical advisor to the best selling Mark Cunningham book ‘Good Vibrations a History of Record Production’ which was actually written on location in Stuart’s studio’s in 1996 ) will also be posted to the Artisthead website once Stuart arrives back in LA. ...So bands, just remember to form an orderly cue when he lands at LAX!


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