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Historical events that shaped the builder generation

Each generation has been shaped by the common experiences shared among the members of the generation. These experiences typically dwell around historical events, inventions and venues of entertainment. The builder generation is no different. They learned obedience, courage and discipline during the wars. The Great Depression taught them a respect for money and Charles Lindbergh taught them the world was not as big as it used to be.

The builder generation was shaped by many historical events
The builder generation was shaped by many historical events
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Here is a small summary of the historical events that made a lasting impression on this generation. Each of these occurrences left an indelible mark on their personalities, the way they think in a way they react to life situations.

Great Depression.

World War II.

Dictators: Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini.

Winston Churchill.

VE and VJ Days.

Death of FDR.

Pearl Harbor.

Korean War.

Atomic bombings.

Golden Age of Radio.

Lindbergh flight.

By understanding these historical events we can better understand the content of the character of the builder generation.

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