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Historical events that shaped the baby boomer generation

Like other generations baby boomers were shaped by the significant historical events they shared as a group. When we look at the liabilities and assets of baby boomers we see a vivid picture of the time the nation changed to a spirit of giving unto others. The era of Camelot contrasted by the Vietnam War and the civil rights struggles created a generation concerned with humanity and justice.

Baby boomers are now moving from he workforce into retirement.
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Here is a small summary of the historical events that made a lasting impression on this generation. Each of these occurrences left an indelible mark on their personalities, the way they think in a way they react to life situations.

  • Creation of the Peace Corps
  • JFK shot
  • Vietnam
  • Woodstock
  • Expansion of suburban communities
  • Civil Rights expanded in most countries
  • Assassinations Martin Luther King, Jr., and Robert Kennedy
  • Man on the Moon
  • Oil Embargo

By understanding these historical events we can better understand the content of the character of the baby boomer generation.

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