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Historical events shaping the millennial generation

Historical events are shaping the millennial generation
Historical events are shaping the millennial generationUsed by license from

From Noah’s flood to the Roman Empire to the discovery of the New World history has played an important part of the shaping of generations

The builders / traditionalists were influenced by the experiences of the parents during World War I in their own experiences during World War II and the Korean War. Baby boomers are shaped by television, mass marketed manufactured toys, the Vietnam War, the loss of leadership through assassination and technology including the microwave oven. For Generation X new practices in education, increase technology in the end of the Cold War change the way they lived. Generation Y experienced school shootings and a proliferation of the Internet.

It is too early to know what historical events will shape Millennials. We know there has been an impact on the generation from school shootings such as that in Connecticut and the 24-hour nature of children’s programming through the expansion of cable television and Internet broadcasting.

An event that has not happened but is likely to happen throughout much of the world, including the United States, the current majority race will cease to be the majority. This will be due to an emphasis than individual localities to stem the population growth and through the increased levels of immigration around the globe.

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