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Historic winter storm can freeze flesh in 10 minutes in some regions

Taxi Digs Out of Snow
Taxi Digs Out of Snow
Photo by Yana Paskova/Getty Images

The historic winter storm or polar vortex following "Hercules" which killed 16 people already has been labeled as one that will be able to freeze flesh in 10 minutes in some regions. Throughout the United Stated people are preparing for temperatures that have never been seen before or not in two decades.

DW forecasting center predicts record breaking temperatures, and are encouraging stockpiling.

It is important to take precautions against illnesses should you become stuck with infected individuals. Make sure that you have your basic survival needs, extra gas, warm clothes and blankets and even face-masks when traveling.

Check in on your neighbors and lend a helping hand if you can. The fact is that the homeless population is in dire danger, and many of these people will not make it through this catastrophic winter storm.

Do not leave your pets outdoors. These temperatures are simply not survivable. This is especially so in the regions that will hit up to 65 below zero with wind chill factors feeling like 70+ below.

A polar vortex is a very persistent and large scale cyclone that is normally located on a geographical pole. They usually follow a [polar front, in this case Hercules. They are basically a winter cyclone, and an Arctic vortex will have two centers. Within the vortex the Ozone is weakened.

This is something that few have ever dealt with, and those who have understand the urgency surrounding this severe weather.

It is important to heed warnings in your area and stay off of the roads if at all possible.

The polar vortex that the US is acing is expected to effect more than 140 million people.

Cities are struggling to meet the demands of the needy and the homeless in their regions by providing warming centers and shelter. The United States is bracing for the storm.

Schools are closing in order to prepare for the Arctic blasts from the Northeast to the deep South.

The chilling temperatures will be moving in today and lasting through Thursday, and they will still have a pretty harsh snap for a few days following.

Make sure you are prepared for this massive winter storm.

It is urgent that you have plenty of survival supplies on hand. This includes medications, water, back up heating options and nonperishable foods. Things like a shovel, candles, a flashlight and a battery operated radio and first aid kit is essential.

Keep plenty of blankets and warm clothing on hand. If you have a cell phone then make sure it is charged and use it sparingly. Make sure supplies needed for elderly and young household members as well as pets are readily available as well. Fill your tank up with gas, and try to have some on reserve as well.

You do not want to lose heat, so keep yourself warm, and conserve your energy. Pay close attention to the weather updates in your area, and be prepared for long power outages.

Do not use a propane heater or charcoal in an enclosed area especially without proper ventilation. This could cause carbon monoxide to build up. You will not smell it, and this is a deadly gas. Cook on the back porch or near an open window.

Turn on your faucets to a slow drip to keep them from freezing.

Whether it is global warming causing the changes in our weather patterns or just history repeating itself, it is urgent to be prepared for a storm of this magnitude and to not take mother nature lightly. This is something many have never before seen, and the fall out from it is uncertain until the winter weather has finally passed.

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