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Historic Headline: 1865 recipe for Harvest Beer published in the Deseret News

Historic Headline: Brewing with hops
Historic Headline: Brewing with hops
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On June 28, 1865, Salt Lake City’s Deseret News described a hop beer as “better than anything of the kind we ever before drank in this country” and proceeded to publish the recipe for this historical beer:

For 15 gallons of beer, the ingredients are 12-14 ounces of hops, 6 quarts of molasses, and 10 eggs.

Put the hops in a bag and boil in three pails of water. Pour the water into a cask while hot. Then boil the hops again in two pails of more water. When this is put into the cask add the molasses. Then fill up the 15 gallon cask with cold water. When so cool as not to scald add the ten eggs, without beating. Stop up the cask close so that there is no vent.

In warm weather it is usually ready to drink in three days. In cool weather the cask should be put in a warm place. When ready for use the beer will foam and be full of life, but as it has no yeast it will never sour, at least not for several months.

The cask should be a strong one. When properly made, this beer will be found a healthy and pleasant beverage in the warm weather.

Source: Deseret News 1865-06-28 Agriculture

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