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Historic Farmers Market opens branch at LAX

The original Farmers Market at Third Street and Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles is opening a branch at Terminal 5 at LAX. At first this sounded a little far out but on further thought, it sure will come in handy for travelers heading home who need to stock the larder, and there will be places to eat and pick up food for the plane.

Farmers Market to open branch at Terminal 5 at LAX
Courtesy Farmers Market
Marilyn Monroe helps celebrate a birthday at Farmers Market
Courtesy of Farmers Market LA

Here’s the scoop:

On June 12, 2014, after 80 years at 3rd and Fairfax, The Original Farmers Market is opening a second location at LAX’s Terminal 5 offering dining and shopping for millions of travelers.

So next time you at Terminal 5 be sure to stop and shop, have a bite and order some food to go.

Backstory: the history of Farmers Market:

  • In the 1880s, Arthur Fremont Gilmore bough a large tract of land in the Los Angeles area on which he runs a successful dairy farm. The family, drilling for water, discovered oil giving birth to Gilmore Oil. In the 1930s, a stadium is built to promote the oil company by hosting sporting events such as open wheel midget automobile races.
  • In July 1934, 18 farmers and merchants park their trucks on vacant Gilmore land to sell produce to local housewives. Vendors pay 50 cents a day in rent. The idea is so successful that by Fall, Farmers Market has stalls and shops, restaurants and special events. The first Fall Festival is held October 1934 – an annual event that continues to this day.
  • Farmers Market opens the Dell, a new building on Fairfax Avenue housing retail and office space that eventually grows to include dozens of shops. It is the original home to the taller of two world famous Farmers Market Clock Towers.
  • Skipping forward to 1991, the Los Angeles City Council declares Farmers Market a Historic Cultural Monument. Development continues with the birth of The Grove, a chic shopping mall that was a smash hit the moment it opened.
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