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Hispanics starving due to illegal immigration

2 more hispanics that LULAC, La Raza, Karl Rove, & other amnesty cowards don't care about
2 more hispanics that LULAC, La Raza, Karl Rove, & other amnesty cowards don't care about

Amnesty supporters have resorted to the desperate tactic of the "Hunger Strike" in an attempt to pressure Republicans into caving on any amnesty from deportation path to legal status plan. These activists have received far more attention from the media and politicians than they deserve. President Obama, who has given amnesties to illegal aliens many time already, visited this small overhyped group of extremist. As part of the media’s agenda in shaping public opinion on illegal immigration, they have ignored the issue of 3rd world corruption. After decades of violence, the media began reporting on drug crime violence in Mexico. They often leave out how violence spreads across the border and how our law enforcement officers are not allowed to enforce the law against illegal aliens by DC bureaucrats. The War on Drugs and The War on Terror is instead waged against US Citizens.

Also ignored by the media is the poverty created by the Mexican “government”. At least 85,343 people died from malnutrition during 2001-2010 in Mexico. About 49,804 died from organized crime violence, most of which concerned the drug cartels. It’s a lot harder for the David Axelrod/Karl Rove pundit class to blame starvation in Mexico on the USA or use it as a way of influence on the public so you won't hear about starvation in Mexico unless you subscribe to blogs like this one. The corruption in Mexico is to be ignored at all cost. Illegal alien activist need more attention.

This type of corruption is the reason why I and most citizens opposed the appeasing of Mexico by the Arkansas Government. We stopped both parties from passing in-state tuition for illegal aliens. We opposed the building of the Mexican Consulate in Little Rock, which included taxpayer funds. If we can elect a conservative governor and more conservatives in the Arkansas Legislator, we can pass self-deportation laws that force 3rd world regimes to actually govern instead of making the US taxpayer responsible for their people.


Another example of the media lying to the public about illegal immigration by omission: