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Hiring workers through a recruiting agency: Why it's more common than you think

An enterprise is only as good as the employees that make up the foundation of the company. This is why it is absolutely pivotal that CEOs invest in the resources to recruit the most competent people that possess both the innate skills and tenacity for soaking new information and effectively applying them to the workforce.

However, finding such individuals that possess the raw talent and discipline is not as simple as simply posting a hiring ad and looking over a few resumes. The process and screening takes tremendous time and resources that could be better applied in other sectors of the business. This is why more companies are turning to professional recruiting agencies.

Why Companies Outsource Their Recruiting

Recruiting is often a task left to a company’s human resource department. However, the HR sector may have their hands tied in other projects. Companies typically turn to a recruitment agency under the following scenarios:

  • They have difficulty filling the vacant position due to lack of qualified applicant responses
  • The position in question has a higher than average turnover rate.
  • They lack an internal HR team
  • They do not wish to distract their HR team from their core responsibilities

Recruiters are specialists, meaning that finding the best employees for your given industry is their sole focus. Since they are not inundated with other tasks, they can dedicate their full attention to finding that one diamond in the rough candidate that is a near perfect fit for the position.

The Perks of Recruitment Outsourcing

Some recruitment agencies go beyond finding that model employee. With full-time employees on the official payroll also come additional logistical duties. This includes managing the staff member’s taxes, benefits and sick and vacation leave, all while abiding by the seemingly thousands of protocols and regulations associated with the formal employment process.

Whether you are looking for a temporary fill-in or a permanent employee, a recruitment firm will use the best recruitment measures that go beyond the typical hiring ad or job board posting. The company will find the right person in your given niche to handle the process that includes locating prospective applicants, resume and portfolio review, reference contact and final in-person interview.

Finding the Right Recruitment Agency

While you are hiring a recruitment company to find the best employees, the process of finding the best recruiting agency is ironically much like hiring an employee. This following are examples of recruitment agencies that have been around the block and have been in operation long enough to hone their craft and provide the best recruitment service for their clients.

Canon Recruiting Group – Founded in 1980, Canon Recruiting Group has had over three decades of recruiting experience under its belt. The company’s President, Tim Grayem, has been featured in the Los Angeles Business Journal for ten consecutive years as a leader and top CEO in the industry. Canon Recruiting Group has been heralded as one of the “fastest growing companies of America” by INC. magazine every year from 2009 to 2013. The agency implements a “total team concept model,” in which every sector of the company’s internal dynamics work in synergistic cooperation to produce an outcome that is best for both employee and employer.

Aerotek – This agency employs industry experts to find the best employees in the fields of architecture, construction, accounting, engineering, medicine and manufacturing just to list a few. The company also employs a five-step “Perfect Fit” phase that includes customer analysis, sourcing, screening, selection and performance monitoring. Aerotek has been consistently praised for its rapid turnaround time, meeting compliance standards and finding quality placements that lead to reduced attrition rates.

Hays – With nearly 8,000 staffers employed in offices across 33 countries and 20 niche-specific industries as of 2013, Hays is renowned for aiding companies dealing with talent shortages. In the same year, the company has placed 53,000 employees into permanent job positions and 182,000 into temporary assignments. Its success is due to its “Four Strategic Pillars” model, which emphasizes strength through a single brand, tailored growth, hiring the best staff in the industry and promoting operational effectiveness.

There are dozens of other agencies that dedicate its resources into helping companies find the best fit for positions that need to be filled ASAP. Hiring a recruiter should always be an option on the table if your company is in the midst of looking for the best prospects that have all the ABCs of a disciplined and hard worker.

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