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Hiring solutions to combat small business pessimism

"Don't be afraid to hire," says Marvlyn Scott, in a recent radio interview. "Sometimes companies miss opportunities for expansion because they are afraid to hire," she continued. Supporting her position, the March 11, National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) Report on Small Business Economic Trends headlines: Uncertainty Continues to be the Enemy of Small Businesses.

Marvelyn Scott, President of All Star HR Consulting
Chanel Campbell

The report highlights data comprised of responses of close to 4,000 small businesses; showing that:

  • 47% of owners hired or tried to hire in the last three months and 40% reported few or no qualified applicants for open positions.
  • 22% of all owners reported job openings they could not fill in the current period. Showing that the unemployment rate did not change much in February.
  • 13% reported using temporary workers, (down one point from January. )
  • 12% of the owners reported adding an average of 3.0 workers per firm over the past few months.
  • 10% percent reduced employment an average of 2.7 workers.

The report shows that hiring is at a relative standstill, due to pessimism and seeming lack of qualified applicants.

"Small businesses are often afraid to hire because of fear, but hiring is such an important part of our economy," Scott says. As President of All Star HR Consulting, Scott and her team help businesses of all sizes to establish and maintain human resource services without having a full time staff. The South Florida based company works with diverse teams and industries to ensure maximization of their most valued resources- human capital. "We work with companies and their respective budgets to ensure HR compliance, best practices for hiring, terminations and everything in between," Scott says.

Scott and her team also help companies with executive searches to ensure qualified candidates. As companies remain staid during this wave of pessimism, outsourcing human resource functions seems a viable solution to reducing costs while maintaining critical functions.

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