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Hired doubles revenue, expands operations and gets offers for tech workers

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Are you plodding along in what you would consider a "dead end" tech sector job?

You quickly need to become familiar with Hired.

Hired is the two-sided career marketplace where you can put yourself and your talents out there to multiple companies to bid on.

From software engineers to app developers and even marketing experts, Hired makes it easy for in-demand tech talent to showcase their skills and find their career path.

Started over two years, Hired has accomplished quite a bit in a short amount of time.

Per Hired, here is what they have been up to:
- Hired has now surpassed $2 billion in job offers from companies to candidates in its marketplace
- Revenue has doubled since securing a $15 million Series A round in March 2014
- Team has doubled in size to 40 since the beginning of 2014

Sometimes when a company or organization grows quickly, it may cause problems, but this isn't the case with Hired.

"The tremendous traction we’ve achieved in such a short period of time makes it clear that Hired is indeed solving a major problem faced by top tech workers and hiring managers alike,” said CEO and co-founder, Matt Mickiewicz. “For years, the recruiting industry model has been broken, resulting in countless hours of wasted time on both sides and millions upon millions of dollars down the drain. We set out to fix that with Hired.”

Things don't appear to be slowing down at Hired.

It's exciting to know, the rate of candidates applying to join Hired has grown about 300% in the past year alone. Also, more interviews are currently being conducted in a single month now, than in an entire quarter in 2013.

How many different companies have utilized what Hired has to offer?

The number would be 900, and that will continue to grow.

5% of the candidates who apply to hired are accepted and paired with a Hired Talent Advocate who gives hands-on assistance.

Each week, vetted companies can view a new active job-seekers and then they have to disclose details about the position and compensation. This would include equity after extending a job offer.

“Hired is putting the power back in the hands of workers by making intention and transparency on the part of companies a top priority,” adds Mickiewicz. “Our goal is to make the outdated practice of recruiters inundating talent with ill-defined job opportunities a thing of the past.”

If you are looking for a new opportunity in the tech sector, check out

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