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Hired brings its auction website for job seekers to New York City

Hired is a new auction site for job seekers
Hired is a new auction site for job seekers

Donald Trump made the phrase "you're fired" from his reality show "The Apprentice" part of our nation's lexicon, but now in New York on Wednesday, April 9, one platform wants to say, "you're hired!"

It's Hired and is a curated, two-sided market for employment seekers. It gives the best talent a platform to take bids on their talents and services. It's for engineers, data scientists, designers, developers, and Product Managers

Hired opens a world of opportunities and is now expanding to New York City and in the future, Los Angeles, Boston, Seattle and London.

Recently, the organization raised $15 million in venture capital and lists OpenTable, Lyft, Eventbrite, Lookout, Gilt, Nextdoor, Clearslide and NASDAQ as some clients.

Hired will prove to be important for New York City.

"With the expansion of Hired into New York City, we're hoping to empower companies to find and recruit the tech talent they need locally so they can continue to thrive," said Matt Mickiewicz, CEO at Hired.

The tech industry in New York generates more than half a million jobs, and adds $50 billion in annual compensation, nearly $125 billion in annual output also generates $5.6 billion in tax revenues. Other non tech jobs will also be available on Hired.

Opportunities in media, fashion, and the finance industry also appeal to top talent, so of the 291,000 jobs making up the New York City tech ecosystem, 50% are in non-tech industries.

Hired was recently named one of the “10 Hottest Startups of 2013” by Forbes.

For more information, or to check out the site, head on over to

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