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Hippo saves gnu: Video of heroic hippo saving a defenseless gnu from crocodile

A Hippo saves gnu from a crocodile attack, proving that even nature’s most undomesticated beasts at times come to the aid of their fellow creatures. Video shot by onlookers caught the action at the Masai Mara game reserve in Kenya.

According to Yahoo! News on Tuesday, “in a miraculous turn of events, a nearby hippo is seen making its way across the water to help the animal in its hour of need.”

The croc bit into the wildebeest and started to drag it under the water, but the hippo is seen intervening and chasing the crocodile away. The hippo then seems to guard the gnu, nudging it to move out of harm’s way.

Israeli photographer Vadim Onishchenko spoke about being able to witness the strange collaboration.

“It was an incredible moment,” Vadim said. “The hippo actually tried to push it out of the water and then guarded the gnu to prevent the crocs getting close. I have heard of cases where the animal’s instinct is to protect the other species; I think the hippos parental instincts took over.”

Vadim says crocs and hippos have a healthy respect for one another.

“The hippos are probably the only animal not afraid of the crocs and I would even say the hippo is the only animal the crocodiles are afraid of,” the photographer commented.

According to National Geographic, hippos can weigh anywhere between 5,000 to 8,000 pounds and have a body length of 9 to 14 feet. Despite being herbivores, hippos can be very aggressive and are considered one of Africa’s most deadly animals, killing thousands of people every year.

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