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Hippo saves gnu from crocodile's jaws video: Stupendous Hippo compassion

A hippo saved a gnu, an African antelope, from the jaws of a crocodile in an astonishing act of wildlife friendship ever to be caught on film. The gnu, is also called a wildebeest and it is a type of antelope found in Africa. This large animal finds itself in the jaws of a crocodile as it tries to make it across a river, but what happened next is jaw-dropping.

Hippo saves gnu from crocodile and it's caught on video.
YouTube screen shot

As reported by NewsMax on March 13, the gnu is in the jaws of this crocodile and a hippo sees this and makes its way to the gnu. The crocodile lets go of the gnu and backs itself underwater. The hippo escorts the gnu to the side of the river and nudges the animal to get up on dry land, as the gnu stands not moving.

It is almost as if the hippo was insisting the gnu get on dry land, where it would be safer. This extraordinary video has gone viral as it gives you a rare glimpse into compassion among two different species in the animal world. Check out the video above.

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