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Hip hop pays tribute to Trayvon Martin

Younger and older Trayvon Martin
Younger and older Trayvon Martin

The societal outrage surrounding the case of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed, innocent 17 year old boy, murdered by a self appointed Neighborhood Watch captain, is finally on the national landscape in most media demographics. After being shot and killed on February 27, it took most of us a full month to understand and digest what just happened.

The hip hop community, known historically for being on the cutting edge of societal critique and a reflection of neighborhood-happenings is finally showing their concern and speaking out on behalf of Trayvon, his family, and young black boys. In the video below, you'll see MCs like The Game, Young Jeezy, 50 Cent, Killer Mike, and Nas speak about the injustices and the legacy that Trayon will leave us all.

If you do a little research about Trayvon, the impact that hip hop had in his short life is evident. It's good to see his idols and role models reaching back to talk about him. Maybe they will begin to understand how their music impacted his life and the lives of millions of young black men around the US.

Take a few minutes and check it out. Forward to everyone you know that loves hip hop and wants to hear and see more from the hip hop community.