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Hip hop does it For the Love of Children at Carabar

FLOC Dayton put on a benefit show at Carabar in Columbus, Ohio
FLOC Dayton put on a benefit show at Carabar in Columbus, Ohio
Emanuel Wallace | Eva Noslen Photography

Just outside of Downtown Columbus lies an unassuming, small, dark tavern that attracts people from different backgrounds who've all come together for the sake of a nice drink.

Dominique Larue rocks the mic as usual at FLOC's benefit show at Carabar
Emanuel Wallace | Eva Noslen Photography

Carabar is located at 115 Parsons Avenue and on this past Thursday the venue was the host of a free show to benefit an organization out of Dayton called For the Love Of Children, or simply FLOC.

The organization is a volunteer group which raises funds to provide enrichment and educational activities for children from newborn to eighteen years of age in throughout the Dayton area.

The lineup for the show included the likes of Dommy Styles, Mix Master Ice, the collective known as Smart People Music, DJ O-Sharp, J. Rawls, Dominique Larue, B. Yonest, Themidas Touch and the winner of Power 107.5's "Are You Radio Ready" contest, Khil.

The show was hosted by Grant Gatsby and Garbs Infinite (one of the founders of the Ohio Hip Hop Awards).

At the top of the night, Dommy Styles of The Alliance DJs spun several hip-hop classics before giving way to Mix Master Ice of UTFO, whose set inspired impromptu breakdancing in the crowd. Smart People Music's set included performances from Status Flo, Bless, Many Stylez and Ogre Fury. Before exiting the stage, the collective went into a short tribute to RJD2.

DJ O-Sharp introduced J. Rawls to the audience, reeling off his numerous accolades for anyone who might have been unaware. As it turns out, Rawls isn't resting on the laurels of his recent Album of the Year victory at this year's Ohio Hip Hop Awards. He's been working on an album with Copywrite and tracks with the likes of L.e. for the Uncool and P. Blackk. Also the third Liquid Crystal Project recording is slated to be coming soon.

Dominique Larue made her way to the stage with BHB backing her up on the turntables. Larue, always an energetic performer, became so active during her set that some of her money came out of her pocket. After a high-energy a cappella introduction, B. Yonest decided to take his show to the crowd, as he jumped into the audience twice during his performance.

With O. Sharp on the tables and Catalyst on the mic, the two quizzed the crowd on their hip-hop knowledge. Eventually an impromptu cypher developed between Catalyst and Co City of The 3rd. The audience started to thin out a bit, but not before they were treated to performances from Themidas Touch and Khil, respectively.