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Hip-hop breakout star Barz Noble up for 6 Marlin Caribbean Music Awards

Barz Noble has been nominated for six awards at this year's Caribbean Marlin Music Awards. The hip-hop artist from Caribbean has been underground for the past few years but he emerged last fall with his 'Symphonic Signatures' album, dropping two music videos along the way.

Hip-hop breakout star Barz Noble up for 6 Marlin Caribbean Music Awards
Barz Noble

The Bahamian born singer-songwriter has been credited to bringing back a storytelling style of hip hop that has had many comparing his flow to Slick Rick, Talib Qwali or Mos Def and other stars of the early 1990's who put the genre on the map. Now that he is an official nominee at an awards show hailed as the Caribbean version of the Grammy's or Doves, Barz Noble is proof that Caribbean artists are being recognized beyond the sounds of their region which includes reggae, dancehall, soca or calypso.

His album ‘Symphonic Signatures’ is up for Album of The Year while Barz Noble is considered a popular choice to win New Artist of the Year. His singles ‘Rockin’ It’ was nominated for Hip Hop Recording of The Year, and Rock Recording of the Year while 'Music of Life' is a contender for Hip Hop Vocal Performance of The Year. ‘Music of Life’, the single that established him on Bahamian radio, earned him a nomination for Hip Hop Vocal Performance of the Year.

During a press briefing, he expressed his humility, saying that he was humbled to be nominated alongside a great pool of talent and he was optimistic about taking home an award on July 26.

“The "Symphonic Signatures" project was critiqued and chosen to be added to the list from my understanding by a cross regional and both international panel of judges alike,” he said. “The Album of the Year category in particular is special. Even if I don't win, just for the nomination nod and for being recognized for my work to be included in such a select list is an accomplishment itself which I'm proud of from my very first release as a solo artist.”

“I think the award nomination and potential wins will shed more light on the music to those who may not be familiar with the Barz Noble sound,” he said. “It’s reminding me that it’s about letting the music speak for itself. As an artist, it provides a greater platform and exposure to a greater market beyond my homeland. I’m happy that I am able to be recognized and prove that there is a place for cuss free, positive, uplifting and inspirational Hip Hop music.”