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Hinman Petting Zoo

Chief the Mini Pony
Chief the Mini Pony

A few weeks ago I was introduced to a young women who is living her dream, owning a petting zoo. Robin Hinman and her husband Louie, own a small farm just east of Davison, Mi. It started with a few chickens and before long has grown into much more. Now more two dozen feather friends, goats, bunnies and a mini pony named Chief later and just recently adding to the group,a potbelly pig named Hamlet, Robin is open for business.

Between the two farm owners they have over 65 years experience of caring for animals and it shows. Most of their animals have come from rescues and the two cats that wonder the farm, well were already living in the barn when they moved it. While most of the ducks and chickens are able to roam free around the yard, the goats have decided to take over the back deck, leaving Robin with more to clean up at the end of the day. The early evening that I was able to visit with Robin, not only kept her on her tows, but mine as well. We had to make sure all the ducks, geese and chickens were inside their coop and accounted for. From there it was time to gather up the baby ducklings and put them away in their coop for the night. Once that was done, I was able to snuggle Hamlet or "Hammy" as Robin calls him. He was so calm in my arms, my heart started to melt. I myself was raised on a farm and I know how hard it really is and after seeing Robin handle everything so smoothly, I began to admire all her dedication that has gotten her this farm in her dream.

The Hinman Petting Zoo is open for business for pony parties as well. Everything is provided, but the food and your children will have a great time learning about all the critters. For more information about the Hinman Petting Zoo please click on the link provided.

If your looking for some excitement this summer with the kids check out the Hinman Petting Zoo located at 125 N. Bassett Rd. Lapeer MI 48446.