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Hillsboro woman hopes selfie helps to recover missing cell phone

This photograph showed up on the cellular account for a missing phone in Hillsboro, Ore.
Krystle Patacsil

Do you know the identity of the unknown females in this picture? On January 6, the above photo surfaced on a cell phone recently reported stolen in Hillsboro, Ore. The identity of the photo takers is unknown but the Portland News Examiner spoke with the owner of the cell phone and she really would like to have it back.

The phone in question belongs to a Hillsboro woman and she is very upset. Rightfully so, she did not only lose her phone but it contained some very sentimental pictures that cannot be replaced.

Krystle Patacsil lost her cell phone at Park Lanes in Hillsboro on Janary 4. It is unknown if it was stolen or just misplaced but someone has it and is using it. She is asking that whomever is in possession of her lost phone please return it.

There are valuable pictures of Patacsil's late father on the phone. They are very special to her and she just wants them back. According to Ms. Patacsil, although a police report has been filed, she will not press charges if she can just get her phone returned intact with the beloved pictures.

If you know the females pictured, please contact the Portland News Examiner and let us know. Tips can also be phoned in to the Hillsboro Police Department at (503) 681-6190. The prompt return of this phone would be much appreciated.

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