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Hillary where are you? Obama administration silent as UN elects Iran to women's rights commission


Where is the world’s most famous woman?

Where the country’s most popular politican, now, when we need her?

Where is the nation’s most important first lady, the one who shook the earth when she did what no male politician had the guts to do and called China out on human rights and women’s rights on Chinese soil no less?

Madame Secretary needs to get out in front of the human rights blow that occurred today, when the UN named Iran to its council on women’s rights.

Yes, you read that correctly. Where abuse, stoning and lashings of women deemed immoral is enshrined law.

This stupefying move shows the UN to be as purposeless, gutless, and useless as its critics have long intimated.

Iran’s ruling Islamofascists hate women, but the US has not yet uttered even a word of opposition to this move. Silence, from a country whose top diplomat is Hillary Rodham Clinton. Silence, from a country whose UN ambassador, Susan Rice, is an accomplished liberal woman.

No one is suggesting the Obama administration throw self-righteous temper tantrum and alienate Iran. But we might use this occasion to once again reiterate our support for the increasingly loud majority of Iranians who want freedom for all, including women.

Isn’t that the very least we can do – literally? Barack, Hillary, Susan? Your move.


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  • Betty 4 years ago

    Hillar cant do anything without BOs approval so if he doesnt have her step in she is powerless to do anything but people will fault her rather than blame her boss!

  • sean 4 years ago

    Why dont give the UN a chance its a league of nation for fck sake