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Hillary says we should "crack the glass ceiling" and elect a woman President

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Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told ABC's Robin Roberts in an interview that she feels that we should "crack the glass ceiling" and elect a woman President, according to ABC News on Wednesday. Clinton made the statement in response to a series of bating questions from Roberts aimed at luring Clinton into admitting that she is running for President in 2016.

Roberts began the interview by asking Clinton who she would nominate as her Vice-Presidential candidate if she runs for President in 2016, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D,Ma) or San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro (D,Tx). Clinton responded by stating that she had been asked about a possible run for the Presidency in many ways, but that this was one of the "cleverest" ways that she ever had been asked that question.

Roberts persisted and told Clinton that on her Twitter page that she said that she considered herself a "glass ceiling cracker." Roberts said that many people think a woman should be the celling cracker and that Hillary is the one who is in the best position to crack it. Clinton then said that she agreed that a woman should crack the ceiling but that she had "nothing further" to say about the path she will take.

Roberts then retorted, "Hey, we tried, right?"

Hillary Clinton is a person of firsts. First of all, she was First Lady from 1993 to 2001. Second, she was the first sitting United States Senator to live in the White House (for the two week duration between taking the oath of office as a Senator in early January 2001 and leaving the White House on January 20 when her husband's term as President expired). Third, she is the first former First Lady to serve as Secretary of State. Fourth, she is the first former First Lady ever to run for President. Fifth, she is the first Presidential candidate to be the parent of a former First daughter while running for President. Sixth, she is the first former First Lady to hold both elective and appointed office at the federal level.

With all of these "firsts" under her cap, it seems completely natural that she would run for President in 2016. In fact, it would be very surprising to most political observers, including this commentator, if Clinton were to decide not to run. Her only likely Democratic primary contender, Vice-President Joe Biden, is running far behind in most credible polling at this time. Of course, the 2016 Presidential primaries still are two years away and like the amoeba, politics lives and dies a thousand times over a two year period.