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Hillary made a bad choice and then lied

A choice means the right way to go
A choice means the right way to go

The State Department is under fire because four Americans were massacred in Bengazi. Both Democrats and Republicans now accuse Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State, of lying. Her staff, politicians, and the President joined in the lie even though they all knew in the beginning that there was no riot gone out of control. At every point, every person makes a choice. The ramifications for making a choice can be monumental.
Choice is an evaluation of the alternatives and implementing one. There are alternatives even when there seems to be only one possibility. There is the choice between doing something and not doing it.
1. In many cases, people refuse to accept the responsibility of their choice. These people convince themselves that to ignore the choice the consequence will go away. When the result(s) linger in the shadows, a seeming mystical complication thwarts movement to a better state.
a. This is what Clinton and others did when they delivered a mass coordination of deception.
b. This is what happens when a person declines to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. They say, “I don’t want to be told how to live my life. A loving God would not send me to hell.”
c. This is what happens when adults set a poor example for the children. Afterwards they wander why the adult children are the way they came to be. They say, “I may not have gone to church, but I did send the children.”
2. Every step in life leaves footprints behind. Others do follow those footprints with the assumption they will lead to good results. How unfortunate that intentional living is mostly ignored. Intentional living takes into account personal responsibility, natural consequences, and goal accomplishment (not just goal setting).

Should Christians have a longing to please Christ, they must make major choices. Whatever choices are made it is not probable to stand alone without extenuating results. Sometimes terrible things happen.

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