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Hillary Clinton: Women power

Today we will be taking a look at Hillary Clinton and her contribution to women’s issues. This will not be a complete biography but more about her hard work and dedication to show that women’s lives really matter.

Hillary Clinton
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According to Jill Lawrence writing for the National Journal, Hillary Clinton left her state office in 2013 with her legacy of placing women and our needs on the agendy of the political forefront. Hillary Clinton and her ambassador Melanie Verveer placed global women’s issues on the table in conferences, trips, and even the state departments. These efforts were bold; they tread in on unchartered waters and they made sure we the women of the world were heard.

The March 2012 directive was very firm in setting guidelines to eradicate gender inequality. Hillary Clinton maintained that women in politics are capable and do well at fostering international peace, security, economic issues, and governance on the global scene. This initiative led way to ameliorating the understanding while focusing on solutions for women’s problematic lives internationally.

Some areas of concern focused on the plight of women in the Middle East namely Yemen and in North Africa (Egypt). Women were encouraged to add their online support against such causes as child marriages in Yemen. Online activism is proving to be a powerful force for change worldwide.

The Office of Global Women’s Issues ran 70 programs in over 40 countries. These initiatives included, “teaching African women how to export their textiles and agricultural products, to training rural health providers in Congo in how to assist female victims of sexual violence, and offering micro-finance loans (in the form of pigs) to improve rural women’s economic stability. Both Clinton and Verveer were insistent advocates for Afghan women, making sure they had a presence at peace talks and international conferences about the future of Afghanistan.”

Time Magazine featured a story asking can anyone stop Hillary. The picture showed a giant high heel stooping on a Tiny man.

On the homefront, Hillary Clinton’s efforts did a lot to quell the prevailing sexism found among politicians. She showed that women are just as strong and capable as men, though the high heel would suggest stronger. The really message that she brings is that it is time to take women seriously. Sexism still out there, but with Hillary’s help the camp choosing to stir sexist viewpoints is getting smaller.

Hillary Clinton’s online women’s activism has served well in America to the facilitate change that is so needed. Women’s issues are being heard and it is no longer only the men who have the say in female matters. Hillary Clinton brought in the much needed female voice in political matters pertaining to women and every aspect of their lives.

There is still much work to be done, “Hillary Clinton declared at the Women of the World Summit, taking aim at the Taliban and the repression of women and girls worldwide—what she called “the great unfinished business of the 21st century.”

Hillary Clinton is truly an icon for feminists and all women worldwide.

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