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Hillary Clinton: Second Amendment supporters 'terrorize' the nation

Hillary Clinton claims gun rights supporters terrorize the nation.
Hillary Clinton claims gun rights supporters terrorize the nation.
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During a town hall event hosted by CNN on Tuesday, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said those who support the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms are a minority who terrorize the rest of the country, according to a tweet issued by CNN.

"Hillary Clinton on guns: 'We can’t let a minority of people who hold a viewpoint terrorize the majority,'” the Twitter account for CNN's Breaking News said.

When asked by an audience member if she believes a ban on so-called "assault weapons" and high-capacity magazines would curb gun violence, Clinton responded: "Yes, I do."

A number of people predictably took issue with Clinton's statement.

"So holding a viewpoint 'terrorizes' people? What a dolt!" one person said.

"[W]e also cant (sic) let the rich minority take everyones (sic) rights away," another person added.

One person asked if Clinton plans on dismantling the government while another said the Second Amendment is not a "viewpoint."

Clinton made a number of statements that drew attention from those watching the event, Twitchy said.

One observer, for example, noted that Clinton said paid maternity leave should "eventually" become mandatory, with states testing the idea first. Clinton, like Obama, also said her views on gay marriage have "evolved" over time.

According to Clinton, U.S. soldiers are not at risk, and she is still looking for answers in the 2012 Benghazi terror attack that saw four Americans killed "because it was a confusing and difficult time." Cruz aide Amanda Carpenter observed that the event had "[a]lmost zero discussion of creating more jobs and growth."

A number of people panned the event as propaganda intended to bolster a potential 2016 presidential bid.

"Well folks, we don't even need to have an election in 2016. @cnn has already anointed Hillary as POTUS," one person said.

"The #CNNTownHall with @HillaryClinton was pure #propaganda co-facilitated by your mainstream media monolith," another person added.

According to Gloria Borger, it was obvious that Clinton is running for president in 2016. At this point, Clinton has not said if she is running for president, but if she does, it is clear she will run on a platform that will include gun control.

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