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Hillary Clinton or bust

Bernie Sanders is still speculating about running for President in Election 2016 if Mrs. Clinton decides not too. You have to wonder how many Democrats would rather have a fresher name than Clinton on the ticket. One story from The Hill this morning wonders aloud about Bill Clinton’s positive or negative effect on Hillary’s run. Is he too feisty and out of control? Will he conjure up more bad than good? Can he be coaxed into a distracting rumble by Republicans?

Bill will be best as a stay-at-home grandpa
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This analyst would advise Mrs. Clinton to play her strong suit -- not a pant suit, but her daughter, Chelsea. The Mother-daughter dynamic could make a woman-led ticket even stronger. In this campaign, Bill should be a stay-at-home grandpa.

The GOP had prematurely embarked on the Benghazi attack, and other Clinton-directed initiatives. She can see them coming months away and will be able to parry them aside deftly. When she lays out a fresh new agenda that sparkles as the Hillary brand, that should create so much excitement and appeal that even some Republicans might jump ship. That’s the real hope that Democrats have been looking for.

“As Hillary White House run looms, questions linger about Bill
By Justin Sink

Whether Hillary Clinton likes it or not, her husband is one of the big reasons she is the prohibitive favorite to win the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination if she runs in 2016.
The charismatic, popular former president has talents as a surrogate and fundraiser that are unprecedented for a would-be presidential spouse.

But recent days have also underscored that Bill Clinton can be as much a liability as an asset to his wife.
During a speech last week to the Peterson Foundation Fiscal Summit, the former president flashed some of the irascibility that gave his wife's campaign heartburn during her losing 2008 primary struggle with then-Sen. Barack Obama.

Pushing back against suggestions from Karl Rove that Hillary might have suffered brain damage in a 2012 fall, Clinton came across as fiercely defensive and a little too hot. He also took a detour into the past, invoking the Whitewater controversy as an example of what he saw as a similar politically-motivated and factually-hollow crusade by conservatives.”

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