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Hillary Clinton laughs about helping child rapist escape long sentence

Hillary Clinton pictured laughing on her "Living History" book tour also laughed on one of the Hillary tapes about a child rapist client she had in the '80s.
Hillary Clinton pictured laughing on her "Living History" book tour also laughed on one of the Hillary tapes about a child rapist client she had in the '80s.
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Former First Lady Hillary Clinton is on a book tour touting her past record of being an advocate for women and children in Arkansas, but recent revelations of an old Esquire magazine interview she gave in the '80s has surfaced that paint a very different picture. And the Daily Mail news outlet reported on June 16 that in the recording of that interview Hillary actually laughs as she recalls how she helped a suspected child rapist walk free from his May 10, 1975 rape of a young girl. You can listen to the video here.

The rape suspect, Thomas Alfred Taylor, 41, is now dead. He died in 1992, more than a decade after his sexual crime. But his 12-year-old victim, who is now 52--and who still lives in the town where she was born, according to the news outlet The Beacon--is very much alive. And when the Washington County female was approached by The Beacon this month they reported on June 15 that she still harbors ill will towards the woman who defended her attacker and got him a mere year's sentence. And it will not help that she can now hear Clinton talking and laughing so cavalierly with a reporter about the case that she says changed her life forever.

In the court records of the State of Arkansas versus Thomas Alfred Taylor, the suspect agreed to a plea bargain arranged by his lawyer at the time, Hillary Rodham Clinton, the future First Lady and Secretary of State. In that agreement, his initial charge of First Degree Rape, which was described as "unlawfully, intentionally, willfully and feloniously engaging in sexual intercourse with a female, one (name redacted), age 12, by forcible compulsion and without her consent," was reduced to a charge of Unlawful Fondling of a Child.

Defense attorneys, like Mrs. Clinton did back in that period, are tasked with trying to get their clients a reduced sentence, if not their total freedom. But at issue in this case appears to be the behavior of the former White House occupant in the years that followed that legal representation of a criminal, as it pertains to her public discourse about the child rapist case.

In regards to Hillary Clinton's interview with Roy Reed on the controversial tape about the rape, The Daily Mail wrote that:

So cavalier is her attitude to securing the freedom of a man suspected of raping a child that the shocking and candid interview may tarnish her role as an advocate for women and children in the United States."

In this case, Clinton didn't just attack the evidence presented by the prosecution, Newsday reported in 2008 that she also attacked the credibility of the young girl making the accusation, the Daily Mail reported.

In her new book "Living History," Clinton paints a picture of a young attorney (she was only 27 at the time) as not really wanting to get involved in this case or represent this man, but since the judge needed a lawyer to represent the indigent client, she had to do it. That is true, unfortunately, in our justice system. All attorneys except prosecutors are under this burden of accepting an indigent client if a judge makes such a request.

Despite Hillary Clinton's attacks on the forensic evidence and her attacks on the credibility of the victim in this child rape case talked about in The Hillary Tapes, the suspect was not innocent and still had to face the judicial system. He was sentenced to one year, serving only 10 months, with the other two months credited to him as "time served" for his time in the local jail upon arrest. But what could have been a First Degree Rape charge and sentence for this particular victim of a sexual crime was reduced in Hillary's plea agreement to the lower charge of Unlawful Fondling of a Child, which carried a much smaller penalty to the perpetrator.

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